Finding Gratefulness Even When in Pain

8 years ago this week I fell at work while waiting tables onto a cement floor.

Glass cut through the center of my right hand cutting through my median nerve, an artery, and ligaments. It blew up. I went to the emergency room.

8 years ago this week I had micro-surgery to repair those severe damages.

In the following January, the bandages came off and I started occupational therapy three times a week. On the first day, I couldn't move my hand or fingers. I cried. I knew I was at the bottom of a steep painful hill. Scratch that, mountain.

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How Restorative Yoga Heals

I like to push myself. I not only like to, but I often feel (especially living in NYC) that I need to. I've written about how I can be like the energizer bunny - working really hard until my next vacation when I can finally stop. Finally relax. I've written about the struggle of finding the balance. Old habits can come swirling back just when you think they have vanished for good. For me, that habit is the need to keep do-ing. To keep super busy in the fear that if I don't, if I stop, everything will stop and my goals will never be achieved. 

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