Finding Gratefulness Even When in Pain

8 years ago this week I fell at work while waiting tables onto a cement floor.

Glass cut through the center of my right hand cutting through my median nerve, an artery, and ligaments. It blew up. I went to the emergency room.

8 years ago this week I had micro-surgery to repair those severe damages.

In the following January, the bandages came off and I started occupational therapy three times a week. On the first day, I couldn't move my hand or fingers. I cried. I knew I was at the bottom of a steep painful hill. Scratch that, mountain.

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A Guide to Setting Intentions Instead of Resolutions

There is always something about the end of the year, the end of month, a big birthday coming up that makes us think about how we can start fresh. Out with the old, in with the new! A fresh new calendar page! A clean slate! But how quickly our thoughts and new plans can dissolve. How many New Year's resolutions have you set only to not remember what they were a month later? Well, maybe it's time to rethink how we make those resolutions. 

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Five Ways To Practice Self-Care This Winter

Today is the first day of winter. The Winter Solstice, as you know, is the shortest day of the year. As we enter the cold and dark season in the midst of a busy holiday season, it's important to put self-care at the top of our to do lists. Here are some ways we can get the most out of Winter and even if it is not your favorite season, ways you may enjoy it better. 

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