Easy Chest Opener

When we start to feel that we are taking care of ourselves and as we go deeper in our practice and land in trust, we will eliminate all that is no longer useful to us and find peace. Through the practice of letting go and letting be we can re-write our story. Here is the pose of the month to practice at home:

Restorative Easy Chest Opener


Props: Two blankets or bath towels rolled long ways. Optional- blanket for warmth. Eye pillow. 

Shape: Place one rolled blanket under your chest. Shoulders should be on your mat. Place second blanket under your knees. Open arms up into T-shape. Take time to make adjustments until you are comfortable. If chilly, place a third blanket over you. If the room is too light, place an eye pillow over your eyes or simply close your eyes. 

Practice: When ready to settle into pose, enjoy several long breaths to allow yourself to sink into the ground. Feel the support from the floor, or imagine mother earth below you. Relax, and deepen into this grounded feeling for 5-15 minutes. Imagine your breath flowing through your body. Imagine it releasing any energy that may be stuck, especially in your heart chakra. 
To finish, slowly move in any way that feels good. Mindfully roll to your right side and take time to come up to an easy sitting pose. Set an intention to stay aware of your breath and your heart. Namaste.