Winter Within

It is time for quiet reflection. It is time for the Winter Within.


As I get older I align less and less with the holidays and instead I am drawn to the change of seasons. The position of the sun has a stronger pull. This allows us time to re-assess our goals and intentions on a quarterly basis instead of at the start of a new year or a birthday. Long term resolutions often fail or don’t give us room to shift and grow. 5 year plans? Hate them!

We are constantly renewing (spring), shedding (fall), finding self-love (summer) and reflecting on the meaning of it all (winter). Going forward, I will be inviting you to take part in this larger quarterly view with me by taking time to reflect on some key points. You can journal, meditate, and/or join in with the hashtag on Instagram. I’ll be doing all three. I’ll also add in a workshop here and there to bring us together and add more meaning and action to it. I’ve done this with the past two summers- for my Summer of {Self} Love- and I have naturally been drawn to expand it to other seasons. I hope you’ll join in one way or another!


The winter solstice is also known as the Hibernal Solstice. Hibernate. Hygge. Less sun. Colder temps. We know this. But this is exactly why it is such a great time for self-reflection, going inward, being within. As someone who finds such actions as healing, winter has become one of my favorite seasons. Restorative yoga is a perfect action to take in the winter. The opposite or a reprieve from the hectic holidays. A comfort for the darker days ahead when the festivities die down. Let’s go within:

  • Create time for quiet reflection. Meditate and journal. Instead of setting a goal for the new year- take stock. What is working? What is not? What can be improved? What small steps can you take this year to make your intentions, your life dream happen? What will make your soul happy?

  • Engage in what I call “fireplace activities”. This goes back to my childhood in Maine. Winter was a time when life slowed down. The room with the fireplace was the warmest, and that is where we gathered at night. Find a craft, read a book. You know that one you’ve always wanted to learn or that large book on your list!

  • Go on a nature walk. Yes, it is cold but the air is also crisp. Breath it in. The landscape is showing you ways to quiet down. Get a little sun on your face and take it in.

  • Clean out/ organize. Clear out the clutter. Again, what is working? What is not? What do you no longer need or how can your surroundings be more useful to you? We often wait for Spring cleaning but when the weather starts to get nice it is hard to stay in. Use this time wisely.

  • Give yourself the gift of time. I did this last year and it was great. Take a break. Less yes, and more no. Power down. Recharge. Only plug in when you need to.

If you care to join in on Instagram use the hashtag #winterwithin. I’ve already started using it! xx Karen @karenjlaporte