The Joy Project

What brings you joy? I often discuss in my work how healing can bring more joy into your life.

What does that mean?

I recently found myself unhappy with social media. The pressure to constantly and consistently post content left me feeling no joy at all. I began to think ‘Who cares about such mundane things?’ ‘Why bother?’ ‘What is the point?’ But then, I decided that there are parts about sharing and receiving what others have shared that I do enjoy. I decided to use my time sharing what can seem mundane or ordinary and turn it into what brings me joy. Because ultimately, it is the little things that bring joy. When we start to heal old emotional wounds, we start to see the beauty that is around us. When we start to soften, and allow ourselves to relax, we start to open up. We can see what we are grateful for. We can see the gifts. We can see the joy!

Find joy.

I decided to share the joys I find in my IG Stories (you can find me @karenjlaporte). As I walk to class…what brings joy? Flowers and a clear blue sky… snap it. Share it. Fresh tomatoes and eggs from my landlady’s backyard…snap it. Share it. A bright full moon, a great hair day, …you get the idea. All of sudden, the joys start to multiply. You notice them everywhere.

Find joy in the little things.

Playing this game, reminded me of how I dealt with the grief from losing my mother 25 years ago. I realized (and at a young age) that the grief and pain we have on this earth is a sort of payment for all of the beauty we are surrounded by. When I shifted my thinking the world became technicolor. I can still remember it. There was no such thing as social media back then so I did this same exercise in my mind, as I went about my day. It taught me that our feelings are not black and white. That with the bad times are good times, and with the good times are bad times. So take the time to notice the good. The beauty is there to help soften the blows and hardships we have to work through. The grief, the struggle…might feel less if we can appreciate a beautiful sunset and a smile from a loved one.

While joy can mean large celebrations and fun at the beach, more often than not it means the simple pleasures that surround us. When we're rushing around we breeze right by them. When we pause and quiet down, they become easier to see. In reverse, discovering the simple joys through out your day can help you slow down and heal. It works both ways!

Play along if you'd like. Either in your IG stories (tag me if you do!), in your mind, or journal. Joys can be flowers, a meal, a great hair day....they don't have to be deep and profound. Just whatever brings you joy as you see it, as you feel it.


A trip to the Botanic Gardens = joy. Spotting a butterfly = joy.  Photo credit: Karen LaPorte

A trip to the Botanic Gardens = joy. Spotting a butterfly = joy.

Photo credit: Karen LaPorte

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