Finding Balance on the Quest for Self-Love

If you've been following me here or on Instagram for a while, you know I declared this summer the Summer of {SELF} Love. What I love about my personal yoga and breathwork healing practice is that it connects me back to love. BIG LOVE. Through doing the work, whether that is yoga movement (Asana), meditation, or emotional breathwork healing (all of which is yoga) we find ways to move stuck energy and connect back with our true selves. The portals that open lead to love. This will further lead you to taking better care of yourself. Perhaps by continuing to practice. This will lead to more forgiveness and more patience for others but especially for yourself. That will lead to standing up for yourself, being able to see what is right for you and what isn't, and being able to let go of all that no longer serves you. Self-love is more than just pampering, it is being able to cut through the crap so you can let yourself shine. That takes work. That takes showing up. That takes being able to let go enough so that you can get to the core of what is holding you back.

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