Let's Talk About Fatigue

Physical, emotional, chronic, adrenal fatigue or just plain exhaustion affects most of us. Auto-immune and thyroid disorders are on the rise. The stress of our lives is catching up with us. Who here remembers how fashionable it was in the 90's to say "I'm so stressed out" or "I have so much to do". It was said like a status symbol. The more you were stressed, the more important you were. I still have friends that talk this way. I believe that the current rise in the self-care industry is due to this way of thinking. The pendulum is swinging, which is GREAT, but we still have a lot on our plates. It is a fact, there is so much to do. Work comes home with us, the kids have activities to be shuttled to, groceries, errands, dinner, get that workout in, take a workshop to expand your skills, go back to school, take care of aging parents, maintain relationships, visit friends, pay those bills, do all the fun things.....I'm tired just thinking about it all. 

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