My Summer of {SELF} Love Intention

It was starting. It was starting to be one of those summers where everyone else has fun and some how I'm not allowed to. No, I must wallow in this triggered darkness that kicked off the summer. No, I must work as much as I can. No, my cat is sick so I must spend the summer as her nurse administering fluids and antibiotics. No fun. No fun at all. 

The old me would have taken on that summer, and she has had many summers like that in the past. She would have taken on that summer with pride not realizing just how damaging it is. Yes, triggers happen. Healing is not linear. There are ups and there are downs. Yes, I need to work. Don't we all. But my ingrained work ethic, having grown up in an summer resort town, is to make the most of the summer months. The winter will be lean. That somehow always stays with me. Yes, my dear Coco Pancakes, my sweet fur baby pal, is ill. Yes, I am her nurse right now and I'm upset and crying a lot. 

However, it is also the Summer of {SELF} Love. The improved me gets to be in the driver's seat. The improved me has tools and a practice to help me through the bumps in the road. The improved me doesn't rely on external forces to dictate what kind of summer I will have. I will choose fun, and I will choose self-love. One doesn't negate the other. So, I will use my trigger for education and to grow stronger. I will work, like I do all year round and I will make it fun. And most importantly, I will practice self-care while I give-care. 

Self-care while I Give-care

This is my intention during this Summer of {SELF} Love. When I get on the mat, I'm doing something for me. When I go to the pool or the beach or have any kind of fun it will be guilt free.  I need to refill my well to be able to give more. To be able to be less stressed when I try to force antibiotics down my cat's throat or when I start to imagine the worst case scenario. We are told self-care isn't selfish but it's not until you really see the benefits do we believe it. Keep practicing.

Self-love can be fun!

Self-love can be fun!

What is your intention this summer? What aspect of self-love are you working on? I'd love to know; drop me a line, come to a class, or leave a comment below.