Feel supported…

Restorative yoga is a quieting, yin (as opposed to active yang), nourishing practice. Poses are long held (can last 1-20 minutes) by lying passively over props such as bolsters, blankets, and blocks. We continually push through life holding ourselves up to achieve, to do more, to avoid emotions, to get it all done. Restorative yoga is the anti-dote to that constant stress. Once we allow ourselves to be fully supported by our props and the ground, we can feel supported by the earth and the universe. We balance our nervous systems to switch off the stress response and turn on the rest and digest system. Conscious relaxation leads to an ultimate state of well-being. We will then find the ability to relax with what ever life serves us.

What to expect:

Restorative yoga sessions are 60 minutes long. All restoratives start with 10-15 minutes of grounding meditation, followed by gentle movement. Once we shake off excess energy our bodies will be able to relax deeper. The remaining time is spent working our way up to longer and longer held restorative poses with guided meditation and ends with a final 15 to 20 minute Savasana. Karen uses her knowledge and intuition to not only prepare the sequence but to also create the ultimate in support that can’t be done in a class setting. No prop is left behind. Her mission is to relax the muscles, free the breath, and to quiet the brain.

Sessions + Rates:

On Hold until I’m settled in Savannah.

Private In Person: $110 // $88 monthly recurring (modalities can be mixed).

Public Workshops: visit this page.

Public Classes: Visit this page.


Karen holds a 200-RYT from Heather Seagraves at YogaWorks. In addition, she has focused her yoga studies on Restoratives and holds 2 Certificates from Jillian Pransky ( 30 non-contact hours and 45 contact hours). Plus a 30 non-contact hour Certificate in Yoga for Inner Peace with Colleen Saidman-Yee.


“Karen guides her students and eases us into different poses easily during restorative. Her music selection is relaxing and her guided meditation helped me stay grounded and in the present. I highly recommend Karen's classes.” Nicole D.