Spiritual Energy…

There is an old story ... Imagine falling into a river but you manage to grasp an overhanging branch. As you tightly hold on to the branch, you are beaten up by the current. But if you let go of the branch and allow yourself to move into the flow of the current, you will be brought where you are meant to be. In other words, the more relaxed you are, the easier it is to open up to the flow of Universal Life Force Energy (Reiki) that is ever present. The best way to describe Reiki is to experience it. It is the energy of life. It works on the physical plane with gentle hands on touching, the emotional plane by allowing yourself to receive, and the mental and spiritual planes when you pause long enough to let go and enter a meditative state. Reiki is a high vibration that balances, harmonizes, and cleanses. With Reiki we can realize how connected we are to everything around us. With that realization, deep healing can take place.

What to expect:

Reiki sessions are 60 minutes (front and back body) or 30 minutes (front body) long. The session begins with a 5 to 10 minute discussion on areas you wish to work on, these can be physical as well as emotional. From there you will lay down on blankets (or sit in a chair) for a treatment. Karen will call in the Reiki energy and use her intuition as a guide to transmit the life energy through gentle touch. Gentle soft music will be playing to guide you into a dream state and fully relax.

Sessions + Rates:

Private In Person:

60 minutes = $110 // $88 for monthly recurring (modality booked can be mixed).

30 minutes= $55

Private Remote (SKYPE or TEXT // 15- to 30 mins. from the comfort of your own home or travel) = $45


Karen is Reiki 1 and 2 Certified in the Usui tradition from Erika Spring at Maha Rose, NYC.