Create space…

Movement is an important part of healing, it is where the doing and undoing meet. Increase and preserve your mobility. Through movement we can find our edge, and test our courage. Through movement we can lengthen and strengthen the areas where we hold on tight. The areas where we retain stuck energy. Movement leads to release. But more importantly, we create space, create more room to breathe, and become aware and more connected to our bodies than ever before. After we move, we are more capable of resting.

What to expect:

Yoga movement private appointments are 60 minutes long and tailored to your needs. Using a gentle and well-rounded approach the focus can be on areas you are working on and around injuries and trauma. Karen teaches an intuitive and playful class reaching from her tool kit of classic Asana (poses) and functional movements. The focus is on creating space to welcome in the breath and to create awareness of your body in space and on the ground. You will learn how to modify poses with props and how to align your body- all useful to take with you back to a public class. Illustrations of poses you like are also given if you wish. All privates include short meditation and savasana (final resting pose). Beginners welcome.

Sessions + Rates:

On Hold until I’m settled in Savannah.

Private In Person: $110 // $88 monthly recurring (modalities can be mixed).

Public Workshops: visit this page

Public Classes: visit this page


Karen holds a 200-RYT from Heather Seagraves at YogaWorks. In addition, she has focused her yoga studies on Restoratives and holds 2 Certificates from Jillian Pransky ( 30 non-contact hours and 45 contact hours). Plus a 30 non-contact hour Certificate in Yoga for Inner Peace with Colleen Saidman-Yee.


"Karen is an amazing yoga teacher. She is authentic, patient, kind and plans an amazing experience.” Nicole D.