Bay Ridge Yoga (last class is 9/9).

Sundays, 1:15pm-2:30pm

Yoga 101

Suitable for all levels. This 75 minute well-rounded foundation class will dive deeper into a theme each month. Learn yoga basics; including but not limited to meditation, seated poses, standing poses, restorative poses all with an emphasis on alignment. Suitable for beginners or those looking to reconnect with their foundations. Mats and props are provided or bring your own.


Sundays, 2:45pm-4:00pm

Flow + Restore

Suitable for all levels. Ground down and feel the support underneath you. Open up and feel the support rise up to meet you. This 75 minute class starts with intuitive movement to release tension in your body which will allow yourself to more fully rest in long held restorative poses that make up the last half of class. A perfect way to spend a Sunday afternoon.


Mondays, 6:45pm-8:00pm

Breath Centered Vinyasa

Suitable for all levels. This vinyasa class will include a flowing movement practice where transitions within and between postures are linked to the breath. We will spend time focusing on different aspects of our breathing through various movement explorations and pranayama practices. We’ll find ways of engaging our breath that help us connect with our inner strength and support, and discover the role our breathing plays in helping us to release tension and holding patterns.



Shape-Up NYC / Asser Levy Rec. Center (last class is 8/29)

Thursdays, 12 Noon-1:15pm.

Beginner Yoga

Karen gives back to the community in this volunteer position for Shape-Up NYC which offers free classes throughout the city. Learn the basics of yoga including meditation in this lunch hour class. Each month is a different focus while still being well-rounded. Suitable for all levels. Props are provided or bring your own. Arrive on time, class fills up. FREE- registration is not required.


What to Expect:

Karen teaches in real time, relating her classes to the season, the climate, time of day, and collective consciousness. Consistent elements include spaciousness, expansion, grounding, playfulness and being present.


“Karen is such a calming and sweet presence - thank you for offering these classes!" Allison 

"Karen is an amazing yoga teacher. She is authentic, patient, kind and plans an amazing experience.” Nicole D.